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Amoud Faculty of Computing and ICT Staff Meeting September 2021

13 December 2018 Author :  

Faculty of Computing and ICT, Amoud University, held the opening meeting for the new academic year September 2021/ January 2022 on Thursday, September 30th, 2021.

The meeting which was chaired by Edwin Omondi Okech, Dean, Faculty of Computing and ICT, Amoud University, was held at Senate Meeting Hall, Main Campus, Amoud University, Borama. The dean was accompanied by Warsame Abokor Sh. Abdi, Associate Dean, Academic Affairs (AA), Faculty of Computing and ICT, Amoud University, Ahmed Abdillahi Sh. Ibrahim, Associate Dean, Examinations and Registration (ER), Faculty of Computing and ICT, Amoud University, and Khalid Abdirahman Hussein, Associate Dean, Students Affairs, Staff Welfare and Environment (SASWE), Faculty of Computing and ICT, Amoud University.

The Faculty of Computing and ICT, Amoud University had registered a total of 325 new students enrolled for Sophomore classes (second year) in various undergraduate programmes offered at the faculty students in the current Academic Year September 2021/ January 2022 since the university re-opened on September 15th, 2021.

Faculty of Computing and ICT currently runs four pragrammes namely:-
Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) which was established in 2009 at the inception of the Faculty.
Bachelor of Business Information Technology (BBI) which is jointly run together with Faculty of Business and Public Administration and was establsihed in the year 2014.
Bachelor of Software Engineering (BSE) which was established in the 2018 and is well on course to produce the first cohort of its graduates this year, in August or September 2021.
Bachelor of Telecommunications Engineering and Computer Networking (BTN) was established in 2019, and is a programme run jointly in collaboration with faculty of Engineering. The first batch of finalists for this programme are scheduled to graduate next year in August 2022.

The Faculty has a total of 56 lecturers out of whom 7 are female and 50 male, teaching 150 different courses this academic semester.

Among the main issues discussed in the opening meeting were, welcoming Lecturers back to work from holiday and introduction of new lecturers, Planned Dates for Faculty Staff meetings for first Semester, Maintenance of Teaching File - Course Description, Course outline (Schemes of work), Course Work, Monthly filing of Student Attendance Sheet, Filing Mid Exam, Filing Final Exam, Setting of Examination papers for Re-Exams/ Special Exams, Modalities of Assessing Practical Courses – Re-Exams/ Special Exams, Induction of New Sophomore Students – Saturday, October 2nd, 2021, Synchronizing Shared Courses, Main Text, Coverage, Mid/Final Exam and use of google classroom for teaching and learning process.

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