A section of newly admitted Sophomore students, class of 2021/ 2022, attending an orientation ceremony organized by the Faculty of Computing and ICT, October 2021 Photo By Abdalla Ali Yousuf & Sadam Ahmed Dahir "Gurey" | Amoud Media Team 2021

How To Apply

19 November 2021
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2.1.3 Application Process

1. The office of the Vice President, Academic Affairs, shall advertise vacant spaces at least two (2) months before the beginning of the new semester for which admission is open.
2. Qualified and interested applicants shall purchase application forms from the Finance Office at a cost specified in the advertisement. The application fee is non-refundable.
3. The applicant shall make a formal application in the prescribed application forms and provide all the necessary information as specified in the application forms.
4. Admissions Committee shall process the applications. The admission committee shall be chaired by the Vice President, Academic Affairs, and shall reserve the right to grant admission.
5. Successful applicants will be issued with admission letters at least one (1) month before the first date of the new semester for which the admission was advertised.
6. The admission letter shall specify:
i. The programme to which the applicant has been admitted;
ii. The official reporting dates;
iii. The tuition fees for the programme; and
iv. Other additional requirements. Such additional
requirements will depend on the programme the applicant is admitted to.
7. Students who fail to report within the specified period shall be replaced with those on the waiting list.
2.1.4 Late Application
1. Where necessary, late applications may be received within the period specified by the Vice President, Academic Affairs.
2. Late applications may be open to all programmes or it may be specific to some programmes.
3. The Vice President, Academic Affairs, shall determine:
i. Which programmes qualify for late admissions.
ii. The application fees for late applicants.


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