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Associate Dean, Academic Affairs (AA)

20 November 2021
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Associate Dean, Academic Affairs (AA)


Faculty of Computing and ICT, Amoud University


Dean, Faculty of Computing and ICT, Amoud University


The Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, is responsible for providing assistance to the Dean with managing the Academic functions of the Office of the Dean and to oversee and coordinate functions and operational activities related to Faculty daily administration.

1. Aptitude

Essentially this position requires its holder to possess good interpersonal skills, punctuality, consistency, reliability, industriousness and efficiency with minimum supervision.

2. Personal Qualities

The appointee needs to possess qualities such as Commitment to excellence; Commitment to servant leadership; Commitment to Amoud University’s policy of equal opportunity and the ability to work harmoniously with colleagues and students of all cultures and backgrounds.

3. Main Duties and Responsibilities:

The duties of the Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, may include the following, with other duties that may be assigned by the Dean:-

  1. To be Acting Dean, Faculty of Computing and ICT, Amoud University in the Dean’s absence and in his absence make day-to-day operational decisions as they relate to administrative operations.
  2. To be overall responsible for students from sophomore class for all departments and keep track of their transition into junior class ensuring they fully undertake re-exams/ recourse/ special exams so as to eliminate the carry overs of multiple courses into senior year.
  3. Manage the faculty daily routine operations of students and staff; including supervision of classes and lecturers’ attendance in particular, on Tuesday, of every week, both morning shift and afternoon shift. The class attendance reports for the supervised days should be submitted to the dean by the morning after supervision day.
  4. Act as secretary to meetings chaired by the Dean and support services including agenda preparation, formal minute-taking, and ensuring identified actions are progressed in a timely and organized fashion.
  5. Ensure part time lecturers sign contracts with the faculty on time.
  6. Ensure distribution of course descriptions to all lecturers at the beginning of each and every semester.
  7. Ensure that lecturers submit course outlines to the faculty and further distribute at least one copy of course outline to each and every course to students in each and every class, at the start of each and every semester, on the first day of class.
  8. Maintain an updated statistics of students’ attendance lists and students’ fees clearance and distribute them to lecturers.
  9. Monitor students’ performance and progression into the next academic year or semester, ensuring to concentrate on students on probation, pending courses and advising them accordingly based on Amoud University Academic Rules and Regulations.
  10. Responsible for Faculty logistics in staff salary processing based on course offerings from the dean’s office and the subsequent salary report.
  11. Responsible for preparation of all class timetables based on course offerings drawn from the dean’s office. Also must ensure continuous updating of timetable following any changes or re-assignment of courses to or from lecturers by the dean.
  12. Must ensure latest updated class timetables are published both in hard copy print and on social media platforms for easy and timely access by both students and staff.
  13. Notify students and staff of the latest academic rules and regulations and policies as and when they are changed or updated.
  14. Oversee and manage the operations related to the Office of the Dean, maintain a wide range of records for students, faculty, routine activities and calendars, coordinate administrative functions in conjunction with Faculty policies and deadlines.
  15. Coordinate student field visits and lead all faculty extracurricular activities.
  16. Prepare course offerings from the updated curriculums, calculate credit hours, teaching workloads and lead the monitoring and evaluation processes of teaching activities.
  17. Responsible for faculty logistics in acquisition and controlling of the office stationeries.
  18. Identify equipment and resources needed to support the classroom instructions and liaising closely with Amoud Main Library for Textbook distribution activities.
  19. Maintain an updated statistics of students’ attendance and students’ fees clearance and report to the dean the total number of class contacts covered by lecturers at the end of each and every month.
  20. Draw the Annual Faculty of Computing and ICT Academic Calendar and publish it (both hard copy and soft copy to both students and staff), in close consultation with the Chief Registrar, Amoud University, in a timely fashion.
  21. Be responsible for examination venue preparation including sitting arrangement and chairs, in close consultations with the associate dean, registration and examinations, prior to administering main examinations, including re-exams/ special exams; mid-term examinations, comprehensive/ individual project viva voce defense and final examinations, both practical and theory.
  22. Responsible for follow up of lecturers for effective course coverage especially in shared courses (same course, multiple classes, multiple lecturers) and ensuring synchronization of course content.
  23. Coordinate any other activities as may be assigned by the dean from time to time.

4. Conclusion

The Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, plays a vital role in the running of the faculty affairs which cannot be overemphasized. This post is subordinate to the Dean of Faculty and shall always keep in close touch with the dean, in order to represent the faculty accurately at all times. All faculty activities and operations shall have the Associate Deans’ Offices as the focal points for implementation.

This job description reflects the present requirements of the post, and as duties and responsibilities change or develop, the job description will be reviewed and be subject to amendment in consultation with the post holder.


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